How Seniors Can Upkeep Their Health on a Fixed Income

Living healthfully and naturally is an unfortunately misunderstood scenario. Many people mistakenly believe that staying fit and healthy means engaging in the trends the media promotes. The truth is much clearer than anything you’d find on an infomercial, thankfully. The good news here is that living well, regardless of age or income, is surprisingly simple. Meditation and exercise, for example, can be done anywhere, at any time, and not cost a dime. In Home Senior Fitness explains that and more below.


The role of nutrition


Many nutritionists and fitness experts will tell you that physical fitness does not start at the gym but in the kitchen. For seniors, however, eating well is often difficult for a plethora of reasons. Diminishing taste and smell, uncomfortable dentures, or late-life GI problems can all make intaking adequate nutrition a challenge. But getting enough nutrients is crucial to health.


In addition to eating affordable and healthy meals, taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements is one way that seniors can stay healthy without overspending.


Exercise is always important


As much as diet directs health, exercise also plays a part. Working out, even for those who don’t have much extra time, doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. As explains, something as simple as taking an indoor walkfor about 30 minutes a few times each week can have a big impact on health. As an added benefit, indoor exercises can also double as social time, which is like an active workout for the brain.


Seniors who are not tech-shy can also utilize things like video games and virtual reality headsets to engage in physical activity without leaving home. These can come in handy during the cold winter months or for those individuals who continue to social distance. An activity-tracking watch can help clock steps and active hours for seniors who want to challenge themselves to do more.


Benefits of the outdoors


Eating well and working out aren’t the only ways to encourage the mind and body to be healthy. notes that going outdoors for fresh air is also a great way to improve blood pressure and, for those with gastrointestinal issues, fresh air improves the body’s ability to oxygenate — meaning, a healthy digestive system. Walking, swimming, and gardening are all low-cost or free activities that are considered safe for the majority of individuals. Seniors with mobility issues can even participate in water aerobics, chair yoga, and other exercises that do not require a great deal of balance.


If you’re going to be spending time outside in your backyard, then it’s a good idea to keep your yard in good shape. Hire professional lawn services to take care of it for you, so you won’t have the extra burden of regular upkeep. Of course, these pros can do more than mow the grass; many also offer services like fertilizer treatment, hardscaping, irrigation, and trimming shrubs.


In addition to fresh air, being outdoors during the daylight hours provides exposure to the sun, which the body needs to produce vitamin D. Senior care provider Visiting Angels also asserts that sunlight can improve cardiovascular and bone health and improve both mood and cognition.


Eating well, exercising, and being outdoors is a winning combination that can help improve the lives of people of all ages. And fortunately, none of these has to mean creating financial stress, an issue that many older Americans face. What these actions will do is set a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle and allow seniors to be better prepared for the changes that naturally come with age.


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