How to Prepare for Downsizing: a Guide for Seniors

Many seniors who want to live a simpler lifestyle are leaning toward downsizing as a means of shedding the excess “stuff” that life tends to accumulate. When you downsize, you may do everything from reducing clutter to moving to a smaller home to eliminate costs and daily stressors. As a senior, though, you may face unique challenges—thus, this guide to managing the experience at retirement age.

Simple Steps to Decluttering for Seniors

If you have too much stuff and not enough time, you might need help getting started with decluttering.

Downsizing? Ditch These Items*
The 30-Day Declutter Challenge
Decluttering in Retirement (or at Any Age) Frees Space and the Soul

*If you have unused sports equipment, contact In Home Senior Fitness; we can help you learn how to use it so that you don’t have to give up this valuable health asset.

Find the Setting That’s Right for You

If you’re having trouble deciding where to move as you downsize, consider these resources as a starting point.

Life in a Senior Living Community
Senior Citizens Can Be Successful at Getting Mortgages
St. Petersburg Real Estate Listings (Average Price Is $250K)

Strategize on the Best Way to Handle Logistics

From when to start prepping to how much it costs to hire help, here are a few ways to handle logistics.

The Ideal Moving Timeline for Seniors
How Much Does It Cost to Move?
Tips to Avoid Injuries and Stay Safe During a Move

Enlist Your Family’s Help

These resources can help your family understand your perspective—and needs—while downsizing or even moving in with them.

Home Away from Home: Relocating Your Parents
How to Help an Elderly Loved One Downsize
Should Your Aging Parent Move in With Your Family?

While downsizing can be a step toward a simpler and more enjoyable retirement, getting started is often a challenge. With these resources, you can find the support you need while making the most of your golden years.

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