Upcoming Events:

February 6, 2018- Health Fair- Point Brittany, St. Petersburg

September 22, 2018- National Senior Fall Prevention Day & Denying Gravity Play- Coliseum, St. Petersburg

June 2, 2018- Denying Gravity Play, Dunedin Community Center

May 30, 2018- Senior Fitness Day- Cypress & Regal Palms, Largo

January 26, 2018- Senior Awareness Fair- Senior Activity Center, Dunedin

Nov 10, 2017- Tune into Connecting Caregiver's Radio at noon to hear us in the studio answering questions about personal training for seniors! AM 1340 or FM 106.1

Oct 28, 2017- Come see us perform the warm-up for the Alzheimer's walk- Clearwater





St. Petersburg:











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