Just in time for summer! Dr. B is now able to walk to the pool (instead of driving) and has increased her strength, balance, and endurance with the help of IHSF!
When Gladys started with IHSF, she was unable to use her right-dominant hand or shoulder. Gladys is happy to now be doing anything she wants with her right hand, including using it to write on our review board!


After a few months of personal training with IHSF, Maura is able to hold a plank for 1.5 minutes- at the age of 64!


“I hired Stacey for mom… She is absolutely amazing!!!! She has actually gotten my mom to enjoy working out. She is friendly, well knowledgeable, and just overall great. I would definitely recommend Stacey to anyone!!” -Ginny R.


“Stacey is so wonderful!! She’s the only one we could her to work with my mom. She’s patient, kind and great with people who have dementia. I’ve seen a big difference in my mom. She even discovered her bp was too low and needed a medication changed” – Amanda R.


“I contacted Stacey after numerous attempts to get a company to come in and work with my mother who has Alzheime. I even tried the largest company in the area (baycare) and they couldn’t even figure out if they had been out to see her or what was going on. I won’t trust my mother’s care to a company like that. Stacey returned my inquiry in the same day. She went out and assessed my mother who is also in assisted living. She started working with her that day. My mother had been in a bad fall which is why she needed therapy. She was not able to walk unassisted for months. Stacey had her up walking under her own power and is making improvements every week. If care about your loved ones. Give Stacey a call. Her rates are more than affordable and the results are unbelievable.” -Jared C.


“I contacted In Home Senior Fitness to help improve my father’s strength and independence. Ashley was very knowledgeable with providing a variety of exercises and functional tasks-both mental and physical-in his home so he didn’t have to be concerned about driving to a facility. She also provided support for my mother to assist him when needed since I live out of state and can’t make frequent trips. I believe Ashley’s experience, wisdom, and aptitude is what led to the diagnosis of his Parkinson’s Disease. Unfortunately, he was misdiagnosed three times by specialists. Only once she pointed out symptoms to discuss with his doctor was he able to get the prognosis he deserved. I highly recommend Ashley and trust her with my family.” -Megan Z.


“I had a chance to work with Stacey in my home and I’m so glad I did! I had been suffering from vertigo for some time and my doctor had referred me to therapy. Stacy was able to do a release on my neck, as well as teach me special exercises to strengthen my neck and upper back muscles. I am happy to report that my vertigo is now almost non-existent. Stacy was friendly, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!” -April P.


“Highly recommend. Great service with very skilled, caring and knowledgeable professionals.” -Nicole S.


“Stacey has made such a positive impact on my daily life. Thank you, IHSF!” -Stephanie G.


“Extremely skilled staff and very caring! The best of the best!” -Mackenzie S.


“Better than I could have hoped for to work with my mother who has Alzheimer’s. Patient, professional, caring, and knowledgeable. You won’t find a better therapist anywhere. Looking forward to a long relationship to help my mother get her freedom and mobility back!” -Jared C.


“If you want to hire a personal fitness coach, Ashley is your girl. Not only is she punctual, professional & trained, she is kind, sweet & full of compassion. You cannot go wrong hiring this wonderful person!” – Sherri L.


“Stacey has done a wonderful job with my parents.” -Mark K.