Attention Seniors! It’s Your Health, Take Control of It.

When you’re a child, you have your toys, games, and friends to keep you mentally and physically active. As a teenager and young adult, you have your education and the excitement of new romances. By the time you’re in your 20s and 30s, you have a career and children. But as age slowly creeps on, you may find that you simply aren’t as active and healthy as you used to be.

Health starts at home

Stress is one of the most significant factors that affect our overall health. Things you may not even consider can chip away at your psyche and make you feel slow, sluggish, and unmotivated. One of these is clutter. A cluttered home can make you feel anxious and can even have a negative effect on physical health by creating ideal conditions for mold and allergens. It can also increase your chances of tripping and falling, which sends hundreds of thousands of seniors to the ER each year.

Start by getting rid of the things that don’t make you happy or that put your health at risk. Eliminate clutter by purging excess or oversized furniture, cleaning out the closet and donating shoes and clothing you no longer wear, and emptying your home of relics from the past that no longer serve a practical or emotional purpose.

Find fulfillment and financial freedom

Retirement is something you look forward to for years, yet oftentimes reaching that goal isn’t all you dream it will be. If you’re one of the many seniors who misses the fulfillment of a career, getting back into the workforce on your own terms could be the right solution. In fact, starting your own business can mean more financial freedom as well. You can turn to skills you spent decades developing and become a consultant, coach or advisor, or you turn your hobby into a new side gig.

Regardless of your direction, keep your personal security in mind as you move forward. This would be a terrible time to suffer a financial downfall, so consider forming a limited liability company to protect your personal property. An LLC safeguards that nest egg you spent years building if your new venture experiences troubles, plus it provides tax perks and flexibility for growth if things take off.

Fitness for seniors

As the AARP explains, just 15 minutes of daily exercise can add years to your life. You don’t even need to leave home for a good workout, but if you’ve never been one to spend time at the gym, the thought of creating your own fitness space can be overwhelming. From resistance bands to treadmills to stair steppers and rowing machines, there are dozens of pieces of equipment. How are you supposed to know which is the best?

Assisted Living Today recommends a few pieces of basic equipment such as an elliptical machine, resistance bands, barbells and a yoga mat that are ideal for seniors, plus you can dive into senior-friendly fitness videos. You can ease yourself into physical fitness slowly and gently from the comforts of home. You don’t even have to invest in a single piece of equipment if you connect with In Home Senior Fitness, who will bring the equipment to you, ensure you are using it correctly and guide you with a program that will help you get fit safely.

Focus on food

Another aspect of your overall health that you can’t ignore regardless of age is nutrition. And contrary to popular belief, feeding yourself well is not significantly more expensive than stocking up on frozen foods and potato chips. According to the Plutus Foundation, eating healthy is only about $1.50 more per day.

You can replace your prepackaged food items with unprocessed alternatives. For example, eat an apple instead of a candy bar for a sweet treat. Eating healthier foods helps your body operate the way it was meant to, and is a great way to control your weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

You don’t have to be 25 and fresh out of college to ensure good health. Start at home by clearing the clutter and make room for things in your life that matter, such as exercise and nutrition. The benefits will be well worth the effort.

Turn to In Home Senior Fitness for personal training at your convenience so you can live a healthy and well-rounded life. Call (727) 434-3085 or (813) 802-8049 for more information.

Image via Pexels