How often and how long are the visits?

This is ultimately up to you, but your trainer will be able to assist with choosing a plan to best suit your activity needs. Each visit lasts as long as you would like, up to an hour per session.


Are you certified?

Yes, our trainers are certified and insured personal trainers. All of our trainers are also certified and licensed physical and occupational therapists or assistants, CPR, AED, and first aid certified.


What should I expect on my first visit?

Initial consultation with medical questionnaire, assessment of goals, address questions and concerns, plan your fitness routine.


Do I need a Doctor's order?

No. Having your Physician sign a medical clearance form is highly recommended though.


How do I pay?

We are a private pay company. We accept credit card payment. You may ask your insurance company for reimbursement.


What if I feel too tired or out of shape to begin exercising?

Our trainers are experienced with all activity levels, including bed ridden to the very active.


Where are you located?

We are an in-home service. We bring equipment to your home or meet you at your preferred location/facility. We are located in the Greater Tampa Bay, West Central, and Central Florida Areas. Please contact us to inquire about your area/ possible expansion to your area.