The ‘F’ Word

“Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults.”
-National Council on Aging

Did you know about a third of all people aged over 65 fall each year, with higher rates among those over 75?

Many older adults have a fear of falling, as falling once doubles your chances of falling again. This fear of falling leads to anxiety and depression, reduced activity, mobility and social contact, higher use of medication and greater dependence on medical and social services and other forms of care- all increasing the feeling of helplessness. When your body becomes sedentary, more likely than not, more diseases start to set in. No wonder the F word is so scary to seniors.

What conditions make you more likely to fall?
Lower body weakness, difficulties in walking and balance, vitamin D deficiency, use of medications, vision problems, poor footwear, and home hazards. Some reasons are even unknown-such as syncope and blood pressure issues.

Of those older people who enter fall prevention programs, most do so only after they have fallen, by which time they may have suffered serious consequences.

Whether you have fallen or not, here at In Home Senior Fitness, we encourage our seniors to welcome the positive benefits of exercises that reduce the risk of falling by improving balance and mobility, including health, strength, confidence and enjoyment. Our trainers provide support and encouragement to help make this kind of exercise an enjoyable, habitual part of daily life to make the F word less of an option and boost your confidence to keep you active and independent.

Ask about our FREE balance test to determine if you are at risk of falling and how high that risk may be.

And as always, any age is the right age to exercise!