FAQ: How Everyday Citizens Can Help Seniors in Their Communities

Seniors deserve to have the independence and safety they need to age in place in their own homes. Yet, they also need to have connections with others in order to maintain their mental and physical health, as well as their overall quality of life. For many aging members of the community, living apart from relatives and close friends can make good habits like maintaining their health on a daily basis a challenge.


In Home Senior Fitness explains how to give these seniors the connections, help and happiness they deserve.


What challenges do seniors face in my community?


The answer to this can vary, but research points to a couple of pressing issues for seniors.


  • Finances are a top concern for seniors, with 1 in 3 living far below the poverty line.
  • Lack of exercise contributing to strength and balance is an important concern for fall prevention in seniors.
  • Those who live apart from loved ones may also face challenges with


How can I help seniors who are facing economic insecurity?


Seeing a senior struggle to make ends meet is heartbreaking, but you can provide relief.


  • Approach the conversation carefully but offer seniors links to financial resources.
  • Want to help alleviate stress? Consider helping seniors in need clean their home.
  • Covering the costs of professional cleaners is another generous way to help.


Are there programs available to assist seniors with food costs?


Economic insecurity can also lead to food insecurity, but help is available for those in need.


  • As stated, food insecurity is often a concurrent issue with financial insecurity.
  • Collecting or buying food for seniors is an option, or taking them to area food banks.
  • You can also research local food delivery services, like the popular Meals on Wheels.


How can volunteering help my community fight senior isolation?


To alleviate feelings and the effects of loneliness, one of the best things you can do is volunteer.



Seniors in your community are who built your community. As such, they deserve to live out the remainder of their years in health, happiness and security. You can make sure that happens by spending time with older adults in your neighborhood, checking in on them, and ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive. You can also volunteer or donate to local nonprofits.



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