Provide Care for Your Loved One From Afar Using These Resources

Providing care for a loved one from a distance can be a frustrating experience for both of you, especially if they are living with a disability or have mobility issues. If the senior adult in your life is struggling to age in place safely, there are several ways you can help them even from afar, such as finding technology for their home that will keep them safe and connected or looking for services that will assist them with their daily needs. In Home Senior Fitness is the perfect place to start since you can book in-home or virtual fitness services that will help your loved one boost their balance, mobility, and overall health from the comfort of their own home.


Here are a few other ways you can help your loved one stay safe and healthy even when you can’t be with them:


Set up easy-to-access doctor visits

When it comes to your loved one’s health, it’s important to make sure they have access to their doctor even when it’s difficult to leave the house. These days, it’s easier than ever to schedule appointments virtually, as many doctors offer telehealth visits that are affordable and provide the same level of confidential care as an in-person visit. Not only that, your loved one will be able to access a wider variety of healthcare professionals with a virtual appointment and will still have access to prescriptions, and they can attend the appointment either on their computer or smartphone. Look for an online doctor for either physical or mental health issues and give your loved one access to care immediately.


Keep them safe at home

Whether your loved one is a senior who needs to age in place safely or is living with a debilitating disease or disability, it’s important to help them create a safe living space. Some homes may need costly modifications–such as wider doorways to allow for mobility equipment–while others can benefit from smaller changes. These days there are lots of tech tools that will both help create a safer home environment and allow a caregiver to oversee the care of their loved one, such as a smart home assistant that provides video call capabilities or a medical alert system that provides assistance in the event of an accident or health event. Look for the right tech for your loved one based on their needs, and read reviews before purchasing.


Find the right apps

When using tools like a smart home assistant, it’s a good idea to look for apps that will integrate with that tool to make life easier for your loved one. Not only can they utilize certain applications for staying in touch with their friends and family, but they can also use them to manage their medication, remember where they parked, or even play games that will boost their memory and cognitive function. Look for easy-to-use apps that will help your senior loved one stay connected and vital.


Invest in helpful services

Not only is there a wealth of helpful tech to choose from, but you can also look for services that will make your loved one’s daily life easier. Whether you want to give them healthy meal options or assist with household chores, there are many companies that offer affordable services these days, and you can work from a flexible schedule that meets your loved one’s needs. Find out what they need help with most, including nutrition, daily exercise, lawn care, house cleaning, or finding accessible transportation.


Helping your loved one stay healthy and happy when you can’t be close by is often a stressful process, but you can reduce anxiety and meet their needs by utilizing the right tools. Just be sure to read reviews of services and resources to ensure they’re the right fit.


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